Dat’s Photography was crated by Dean Thompson in order to combine my passions for photography, my work as an Optician, Contact Lens Practitioner and my desire to help those that are functionally blind. With this in mind Dat’s Photography uses 100 percent of all sales to help fund my participation in an upcoming Optical Mission to a developing country like Ecuador and Peru. During my three Optical Missions our clinics have helped twelve thousand people with eye exams and glasses.

Why Focus On Vision ? : Approximately 670 million people worldwide are functionally blind or visually impaired because they do not have a pair of eyeglasses. The lack of vision translates to failing at school, jobs, health and personal lives. Those who cannot see are too often mired in poverty. Once a person can see, they can improve the quality of their lives and their own vision for the future generations to come.

What Would a Pair of Eyeglasses Cost in a Developing Country ?: In developing countries, for a family of four who make $4.00 a day, a pair of eyeglasses can be the equivalent of a year's salary. As a result, large segments of this population live with vision problems which adversely impact their productivity, employability and quality of life.

How Your Used Eyeglasses Can Help.  Gently used eyeglasses can enable an adult to secure a job and support his or her family; a child to succeed in school;   a senior to continue to live an independent lifestyle, or   a mother or father to see their child’s face clearly for the first time. Your simple act of charity will impact many lives for years to come.This year, 4 million eyeglasses will be thrown out in North America while 153 million people worldwide suffer from uncorrected refractive errors.

When we all help out by donating our unwanted  eyewear or by purchasing photographs for your home or office from Dats Photography we will both help create sustainable growth in areas like:

JOBS: Glasses can increase one’s productivity by 20%  That’s the equivalent of creating an extra day’s work each week. Glasses are one of the most effective poverty alleviation tools in the world.

EDUCATION: In many rural communities worldwide, kids without access to eyecare are never diagnosed, they end up doing poorly in school, many often are wrongly labeled as mentally handicapped.  Glasses provide millions of children with the power to learn and the ability to take control of their lives.

THE FUTURE: 90% of people that are blind or visually impaired live in developing countries. Dats Photography and Dean Thompson and partners like V.O.S.H and V.O.S.H Santa Cruz Chapter work to build long-term solutions to provide eye care in developing countries.

To view some of the photos taken during the Mission’s Optical clinics click on the links below.

If you see any photos you would like for your home or office please contact Dean and Dats Photography using the Contact Link

If you own or are an office manager in the Alberta Canada and would like artwork for your office Dats Photography has many options for you, like our Art Rental program, where your office artwork will be rotated on a three or six month rotation so your office artwork doesn't get old and tired looking. Contact Dean for details.

Click photo to view Ecuador 2015 Mission Photos

Click photo to view Peru 2016 Mission Photos

Click Photo to view Ecuador 2017 Mission Photos

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